MailChimp for Salesforce

Manage MailChimp subscribers from Salesforce leads, contacts and list views.

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    March 2015
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  • Customize the integration to map Salesforce fields to MailChimp Merge Variables

  • During install, optionally upload MailChimp Subscribers as Salesforce Leads

  • Turn on an hourly sync so changes in Salesforce data are copied over to MailChimp subscribers

  • Upload email addresses to MailChimp from Lead and Contact list views

  • See Subscriber detail and full MailChimp activity by clicking the View More links

  • Individually manage Subscriber preferences from Contact and Lead page layouts

  • See MailChimp Campaign details and Campaign Share Reports

  • If you turned Lead creation on, new MailChimp Subscribers will become new Salesforce Leads


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    Need the ability to sync data manually in case a campaign is alive for more than 48 hours.