MailChimp for Virtuemart

The only MailChimp connector fully integrated with Virtuemart. Track your revenues generated by your newsletters

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    June 2017

The only MailChimp connector fully integrated with Virtuemart.

Subscribe during checkout

When a customer checks out his cart, he can subscribe to a newsletter (list) either automatically (on every order) or depending on a customer field or cart field. Customer fields are visible in the account management and bill to address Cart fields are visible during checkout only, usually next to the checkout button. The checkbox to agree the terms and conditions is a cart field for example.

Track campaign orders to MailChimp

When a customer clicks on one of your campaign links (with eCommerce tracking activated) the campaign identifier is transmitted to your website. MailChimp for Virtuemart will store this value in a Cookie. When the customer checks out, the order information will be sent to MailChimp so you can track the conversion of your campaign. Administrator can define how many days before the cookie expires (default 5). This way, if the customer clicks on a campaign link but does not order right away, you can still track him if he finally purchase a product in the following days.

Publish your product to MailChimp

This component will allow you to push your product information to MailChimp to make it easy for you to insert product in a new campaign. MailChimp has a built in product selector that you can directly drag and drop. Product name, image, short description, price, link... all these information inserted at once.

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