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Export your Apple address book directly to your MailChimp list.

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    July 2015
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MailChimp Import allows you to export contacts from your Apple address book directly to a MailChimp list.

MailChimp Import uploads email, first name and last name from your contact entries to your list. If an Address Book contact already exists on your MailChimp list, Chimport will try to update the first and last name fields.

New features include:

-View all subscribers from Apple address book, including any pulled from Google Contacts, iCloud, and other sources

-View groups from all sources

-Move contacts to import drop zone via drag and drop

-Use command + right arrow to move subscribers to the import drop zone

-Use command + k to remove all contacts from the import drop zone

-Use delete key to remove a contact from the import drop zone

-Use command + z to undo actions

-Select from account list menu of to choose list for importing contacts

-Search contacts

-Only imports Email, First name and Last name fields

-Single opt-in import

-Updates/overwrites existing data for First name and Last name fields.

-View details of import result

-Copy email addresses that failed to import to the clipboard

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    it worked great!!!! THIS IS MIRACULOUS!!!