MailChimp integration into TYPO3 CMS

It provides a subscription form including full support of interest groups. optionally using AJAX to improve usability.

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    June 2016

This TYPO3 extension provides a very simple way to build a subscription form for your MailChimp lists.


  • TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS - 8.2
  • MailChimp account
  • License GPL


  • Dynamic loading of interest groups without any caching and template support for all variants (dropdown, checkbox, select)
  • Full template control
  • Optional usage of AJAX to send the form
  • Hook to support additional custom fields


Take a look at the detailed manual which can be found at In short:

1) Install the extension and provide the API key. 2) Create a plugin and select the list you want to add the subscribers to. 3) Choose an interest group of the selected list. 4) Done!

About us

This extension has been developed by Sup7even Digital Solutions, a small agency located in Austria (Vienna & Linz), with focus on TYPO3 as CMS.

Take a look at your website if you need support!


GitHub is used for the development of the extension. Automated tests cover the most important parts of the extension and pull requests or feature requests are highly welcomed!

Additional Information & Help


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