MailChimp Module for vTiger CRM

MailChimp Module for vTiger allows synchronising contacts from vTiger CRM to MailChimp and vice versa.

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    October 2014
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MailChimp Module for vTiger CRM version 5.2.1 allows a full synchronisation between vTiger CRM and MailChimp Email Marketing software. MailChimp module uses the MailChimp API to synchronise contacts with vTiger CRM.

Features & Benefits

  • Synchronise Contacts in MailChimp Lists with MailChimp Campaigns in vTigers to keep one store of information
  • Synchronise subscription and unsubscribe requests to your lists and keep you covered under the data protection act
  • Allows using MailChimp as the email marketing software for newsletters and vTiger as the store of contacts

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