MailChimp Module for vTiger CRM

MailChimp Module for vTiger allows synchronising contacts from vTiger CRM to MailChimp and vice versa.

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    October 2014
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MailChimp Module for vTiger CRM version 5.2.1 allows a full synchronisation between vTiger CRM and MailChimp Email Marketing software. MailChimp module uses the MailChimp API to synchronise contacts with vTiger CRM.

Features & Benefits

  • Synchronise Contacts in MailChimp Lists with MailChimp Campaigns in vTigers to keep one store of information
  • Synchronise subscription and unsubscribe requests to your lists and keep you covered under the data protection act
  • Allows using MailChimp as the email marketing software for newsletters and vTiger as the store of contacts

Additional Information & Help


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    Not compatible with the new 6.0, too bad - it would have been quite popular as many vtiger users upgrade now.



    not working with vtiger 6

    S. J.


    Not compatible with the new 6.0, too bad - it would have been quite popular as many vtiger users upgrade now.

    Hope they fix it in the future.



    worked almost great but a little pity: would clear the accountname of the vtiger->organinzations table, and clear the corresponding firstname + lastname of the vtiger leads、contacts table if the 3 types of records have an empty email field , without explicit prompt+log i guess its occured when i clicked the sync now in the mailchimp module in vtiger, and caused by the wrong sync way?

    FYI: my vtiger is 5.4.0 community version,and current mailchimp used @ 2013-12-20

    L. Arnold


    Syncronization was initially not instantaneous, but after install and letting sit for a few days things started working and remarkably well now. I think this will be an invaluable utility. Other syncronization processes should be so easy!