MailChimp Plugin for Daylite

With MailChimp for Daylite you can send contacts and groups directly from Daylite to MailChimp.

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    iOSXpert limited
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    September 2015
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With MailChimp for Daylite you can now send contacts and groups directly from Daylite to MailChimp. The plugin will create a new group within Daylite to which you can add contacts via drag&drop. With the simple press of a button you can then upload the list to MailChimp and -from there- send a new campaign to your subscribers. Unsubscribers will be removed from the Daylite group automatically.


  • Send your Daylite contacts to MailChimp lists
  • Automatic removal of unsubscribed contacts from the [MailChimp Subscriber] group.
  • Add new subscriber automatically from the MailChimp servers to your daylite group.
  • Choose your merge keys linked to Daylite fields
  • See MailChimpreports within Daylite

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Choose Mailchimp Lists
Sync Daylite Group with a Mailchimp List
See Mailchimp Reports within Daylite


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