MailChimp Sync for MediaPass Subscriptions

MediaPass™ is the easiest way to charge for recurring subscriptions to your content.

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    May 2013

Instantly enable premium subscriptions to your great content with MediaPass™. Create a free account, grab some simple javascript, and you're ready to go.

MediaPass™ takes care of everything related to subscriber billing, so you don't need a merchant account and there are no costs to get started. MediaPass™ pays all merchant processing fees and handles subscriber support, recurring billing, chargebacks, fraud protection, and much more.

We integrated with MailChimp to help our publishers easily manage their subscriptions + email marketing. MailChimp Sync for MediaPass seamlessly updates your MailChimp account by automatically adding a user to a MailChimp List as soon as they sign up for a subscription. This free feature is accessible to all publishers through the MediaPass Publisher Console.

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Simply authenticate with your MailChimp account.
And select a list to sync with MediaPass. We even handle Unsubscribes!


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