MailChimp Integration for Vtiger

Bidirectionally connect Vtiger CRM and MailChimp. No need to juggle between applications to get your things done.

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    December 2017
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Vtiger MailChimp Integration is an extension to connect your Vtiger CRM with MailChimp. You can sync MailChimp Campaigns, Lists, Groups and Groupings to Vtiger CRM Campaigns, Leads, Contacts and Accounts module.

A detailed list of what is possible,

  • Secure bidirectional sync with MailChimp API version 3.
  • Schedule once and never again, automatically sync the data at regular frequency without manual intervention.
  • Intelligent field mapping to automap MailChimp fields with their coressponding Vtiger CRM fields.
  • Automatically remove deleted MailChimp Campaign or Unsubscribe list from CRM and keep the data clean.
  • Manage Groups and Groupings inside Vtiger CRM.
  • Complete view of MailChimp List & Campaign report graph, advice, preview, etc,., inside Vtiger CRM can help you to compare and take smart decisions.
  • Audit record sync with detailed Subscriber, List and Campaign sync information in log module.

Vtiger MailChimp Integration is bundled with lot more features and enhancements. To know more, visit our Vtiger MailChimp Integration page.

Vtiger MailChimp Integration saves you a lot of time and automates lot of mundane process. No need of export and import of records anymore.

Additional Information:

  • Supports Vtiger CRM versions 6.0 to 6.5
  • MailChimp API version 3.
  • Guaranteed Lifetime upgrades and Lifetime support.
  • Demo : Try Now

Additional Information & Help


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MailChimp Campaign Report, Advice and Preview within Vtiger CRM
Mapping MailChimp fields with related CRM fields
Lead/Contact Activities like Campaigns received and the lists they belong to in MailChimp
MailChimp Vtiger Integrtion


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    Thank's a lot for the Mailchimp-vTiger extension. A good extension ! We are waiting for the new features: getting the list of the contacts who have opened the mail to be able to identify the contacts who match with the subject of the campaign and be able to organize the next campaign. Hope to get it soon.



    Great module, exactly what I was looking for. I needed a better way to communicate with our customers and being able to keep the contacts in sync with vTiger. The MailChimp module workflow is perfect. Also, the support has been great as well.

    Michael Chalaris


    Great support from the team (live chat ftw), works as promised and fairly easy to use. Well done.



    First of all: Fantastic support. Second of all: Robust and very mature software. I higly recomment the company and the software. Congratulations Smackscoders you guys deserve all the best once your efforts are to deliver the best support and software.

    Voedselbank Dronten


    We have been struggling for three months to get this application working. I still cann't select MailChimp groups in Vtiger and after every synch the "รถ" in descriptions (which are not even in MailChimp) is changed into o& Not working for us.



    This module is dynamic. The company I work for has been able to keep track of every contacts and leads in Vtiger, adding/updating contacts takes few seconds and the module has helped us to strategically manage our sales opportunities. There's more visibility & widgets are great. It's the ultimate solution if you wish to work in a single platform. Tapping into warm leads can't get easier than this!

    We're very pleased with the post purchase support. Special thanks to Bala Sundar.

    Overall: *****



    This is a very good and useful product. I had the opportunity to work very closely with the department of development. They are all very flexible and were helping me a lot during installation, test etc. As well they include some suggestion I made into the MailChimp integration and for us the result is fantastic. Thank you very much and best regards, Eric



    This tool works good. Everyone is friendly, supportive, and eager to listen and collaborate. Even I am not an IT specialist and people were encouraging and enthusiastic. Thanks to the community's support and thank you Bala Sundar! I can not wait to see the next features!

    Best regards, Paul

    Heinz Wittel


    For me this tool is very helpfull to get my contacts up-to-date. Works fine. Very good support from the developers. Thank you for your help!


    Heinz Wittel



    this integration allowed to us to have a good contact with our customer and leads