MailChimp Widget

Adds a WordPress widget that allows your users to sign up for your MailChimp mailing list.

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  • Developer
    James Lafferty
  • Last Updated
    June 2013
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This plugin provides an easy, lightweight way to let your users sign up for your MailChimp list. You can use it to sign up users for several different lists by creating multiple instances of the widget. Once a user has signed up, a cookie is stored on their machine to prevent the sign up form for that particular list from displaying. Sign ups for other lists will display.

The MailChimp Widget:

is easy to use is AJAX-enabled, but degrades gracefully if Javascript isn't turned on encourages the collection of only information that you actually need (i.e., an email address) to send your mailers If you find this plugin useful, please rate it and/or make a donation.

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    used it for wordpress. Pretty decent



    It worked for a little bit. Then I migrated the site to a new server and since then MailChimp Widget has been the only plugin returning this errors copied below.

    Warning: spl_autoload() [function.spl-autoload]: Unable to access wp_atom_server.class.php in /home/utsr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp-widget/mailchimp-widget.php on line 37

    Warning: spl_autoload() [function.spl-autoload]: Unable to access wp_user_search.class.php in /home/utsr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp-widget/mailchimp-widget.php on line 37

    Warning: spl_autoload() [function.spl-autoload]: Unable to access jetpack.class.php in /home/utsr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp-widget/mailchimp-widget.php on line 37

    Warning: spl_autoload() [function.spl-autoload]: Unable to access jetpack.class.php in /home/utsr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp-widget/mailchimp-widget.php on line 37

    Warning: spl_autoload() [function.spl-autoload]: Unable to access w3_plugin_totalcacheadmin.class.php in /home/utsr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp-widget/mailchimp-widget.php on line 37



    I haven't had a problem with it and it does just what it is supposed to do.

    Nick Evans


    When I try to register myself to test it out I get an error. It accepts my details on my blog and sends me a confirmation email but when I click the confirm subscription email it loads up an error page in my browser. "An error occurred, please try again later."

    Anyone know why this would be happening?

    Faisal Khan


    The only question I had if it was possible to play with the 'spacing' between the words "Email Address:" and the field box?



    As easy as pie and does everything I need. Thanks!



    This plugin is super easy to use and does exactly what it's supposed to. Very pleased with it.



    have it on a wp 3.1.3 and integrated it with contact me with no issue what so ever...

    I LOVE the fact that the api can be used for the contact form right out of the box - MUCH better than having the contact form only send an email!

    check it out on

    IF it doesn't work on your site the first thing I would do is make sure you are running the latest wp and then make sure you are not running into a conflict with another plugin (disable ones you do not need)

    I think many folks try to load up each and every plugin they find because they think it's cool to have their wordpress (or what ever) fully loaded with all sorts of stuff

    keep it simple and you'll run into less issues imo

    Keep up the good work Mailchimp! I'll be installing your plugin and referring your service to all my clients both new and old!



    I just installed this plugin and I received this error message: Fatal error: Class 'NS_Widget_MailChimp' not found in /home/content/37/7728137/html/wp-includes/widgets.php on line 324

    It took my entire site down, I can't even access my dashboard! DO NOT install this plugin!

Freddie feedback