MailChimp Widgets for Adobe Muse

These 9 awesome widgets allow Adobe Muse web designers to easily install and customize a sign up form for their website.

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    June 2017
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Use any one of these 9 highly customizable MailChimp widgets to get people signing up for your newsletter today. When you purchase this widget, you get all 9 widgets. Purchasing any of our widgets is kind of like purchasing a buying a lifetime membership to that widget. No matter what price you purchase the widget at, you will always receive a free download every time we make an update or add to that specific widget.

Best User Features:

  • Dropdowns
  • Radio buttons
  • Full address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number

Best Customizable Features:

  • Animated state transitions
  • Font size, type, and color
  • Background colors in every state
  • Text colors in every state
  • Border width and colors
  • Border radius (for making corners round)
  • Spacing around text
  • Spacing between the text field and subscribe button

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    Unless I'm missing something it looks like you can't have two forms on one page as they both become corrupted.

      John R Perry


      The widget has been updated so that you can do this now.