MemberMouse Membership Platform

Automatically add, remove and move members between lists as their membership level or account status changes.

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    September 2015

MemberMouse is a powerful, scalable membership platform designed specifically for marketing best practices that optimizes signing up new members, increasing member retention, stopping members from canceling, and upselling members with new products and services.

The MailChimp & MemberMouse integration provides email lists for prospects, cancelled members, and each membership level. You'll no longer have to manage your lists or worry about them being updated - and no more CSV imports!

Lists are also populated with more than just basic user data. MemberMouse populates your lists with an account's purchase information to use for segmentation and more effective email marketing.

Want a demo of the MailChimp & MemberMouse integration? Just drop us a line at (512) 630-2219 or email us at

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Special List Mappings
Map Membership Levels to Mailing Lists
Map Membership Levels to Mailing Lists


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