Microsoft Dynamics CRM

xRM.EmailMarketing is a Free Add-On built natively within Microsoft Dynamics CRM that integrates with MailChimp services

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  • Developer
    PowerXRM by CompuSight Corporation
  • Last Updated
    June 2016

Seamlessly integrate point-and-click tools that synchronize CRM data and third-party MailChimp EmailMarketing activity to improve the relevance of marketing programs and provide CRM users with a clear view into marketing activities. Send and edit your EmailMarketing Campaigns directly from Dynamics CRM using MailChimp:

  • Create and send Campaigns using Dynamics CRM HTML editor or MailChimp templates and editor
  • Display Campaign Statistics in Dynamics CRM
  • Track Campaign status and delivery
  • Create Marketing lists and synchronize them 2-ways with MailChimp to gain new subscribers
  • Display Contacts and Leads used by Marketing Lists in Dynamics CRM

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