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HealCode allows your MailChimp and MINDBODY accounts to work together.

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    December 2014
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The bridge between your MINDBODY and MailChimp accounts.

HealCode integrates with both MINDBODY and MailChimp. When a prospective client fills out your HealCode prospect and/or registration forms, two things instantly happen:

  1. A new profile is created for this person in the studio's MINDBODY account
  2. Their first name, last name and email address are pushed into the studio's MailChimp account

Thousands of MINDBODY clients are already using HealCode

Besides integrating with MailChimp, HealCode's "widgets" enable MINDBODY clients to integrate their class, enrollment and appointment booking, along with purchasing and account management, right into their websites - saving time and generating extra revenue in the process.

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    It didn't. Horrible integration.