Mixpanel Mandrill Connector

This web app allows you to trigger email templates stored in Mandrill based on any Mixpanel People Analytics event.

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    July 2015
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The main challenge for clever transactional mails is to get your IT team to segment the users in real-time and trigger a Mandrill API call to send out an email.

This web app combines Mixpanel Webhooks with Templates from Mandrill to make event-based emails trackable and beautiful. Now all you have to do is define a web hook campaign in Mixpanel, and configure in this middleware application which template you want to send out.

The middleware is built on top of the Parse backend (www.parse.com), so you can easily install it in a free Parse account and scale the app according to your needs.


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    Hi, we tried to run it but we have a script error, is it still working ? brahim@fudoapp.com