modMailchimp Modx Revolution Integration

modMailchimp extra for Modx Revolution 2.2+

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    BigBlock Studios
  • Last Updated
    May 2013
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The modMailchimp extra for revolution will allow developers to place the modMailchimp snippet anywhere in their modx site they want users to sign up for a mailing list.

modMailchimp features: - refer to the documentation in the package for features.

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    - 09/04/2013

    When nothing is filled out in the form and it is submitted - the Lexicon error message appears but the form disappears - leaving no way to resubmit the data or fill out the form.

    Modx version: 2.2.8-pl Test snippet:
    [[!modMailchimp? &listId=xxxyyyzzz &mergeTags=EMAIL,FNAME,LNAME]]

    Please fix!! Thank you.


    - 09/24/2014

    Same here ... is there a solution for this problem?

    MODX: 2.3.1 Snippet: [[!modMailchimp? &listId=XXXXXX &mergeTags=EMAIL,FNAME &recaptcha=1]]

    Thank you


    - 01/24/2015

    Hey guys,

    Thank you for taking that approach, unfortunately this doesn't seem to work in Revo 2.3

    [2015-01-24 01:47:50] (ERROR @ /index.php) [[+id]] is not a valid integer and may not be passed to makeUrl()

    I've been trying everything to avoid null values that might have been set some place else. The error appears to be something related to MODx parsing, because obviously you iterate over some ID which doesn't get resolved but passed along as a string. So there's that :)

    For now I couldn't even get the subscribe form to work. Then I switched the &action over to unsubscribe, this resulted in the same error. I am completely lost and I have literally tried everything. I double-checked the list ID after copy/pasting it, I double-checked the API key, I switched off recaptcha just to see if it's there, I went with the most basic call, setup successId and failureId to avoid any sort of null value, I don't even get the page to load without PHP throwing the error mentioned above.

    I tried modMailchimpLists to see if I can get that to connect to my account and give me a list, but this did not work either.

    Any help would be much appreciated.