Mothernode MailChimp Integration

Mothernode’s integration with MailChimp allows Mothernode to add Mothernode contacts to MailChimp Lists.

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  • Developer
    Mothernode CRM
  • Last Updated
    April 2016

Mothernode’s integration with MailChimp lets Mothernode users add existing customer contacts and sales contacts to MailChimp email lists, without having to access MailChimp’s application to add them. When connected to MailChimp via API, Mothernode adds an action to each contact record that let’s the Mothernode user add their contact(s) to anyone of their MailChimp email Lists. This is not an added cost to a paid plan. No download needed. Mothernode users only need enter the MailChimp API credentials within Mothernode to allow Mothernode to connect to MailChimp. The integration is free with a paid subscription.

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