MotionMail Countdown Timers

Add dynamic countdown timers to your emails that drive clicks and highlight upcoming events or deadlines.

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    December 2017
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Add dynamic countdown timers to your emails.

Delivered as an animated GIF, the timer renders the actual time remaining on your countdown at the moment the user opens their email (not when you sent it). Timers can be customized for colors, style, and font.

Adding a countdown timer to your email is simple. See the Additional Information below for a step by step blog post that describes the process, and sign up for a MotionMail account today to start using them in your campaigns.

Get started with our Free account, or upgrade for features like dynamic language translation based on the recipient's email client reported language.

Timers are delivered through a worldwide content distribution network, so users get timers quickly and efficiently.

You can track views through the MotionMail dashboard.

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    how can I integrate it with mail chimp? Just like another app such as Facebook, twitter...




    I'm having issues displaying the motionmail timer in my email - can you help? It's urgent... thank you in advance.



    I tried to sign up to MotionMail but I got an error page. Bad start ! But then I was able to login and create mi first timer. Maybe was just a temporary server issue.