NimbleCRM - MailChimp Integration

Easily send your Nimble leads to a MailChimp list to get them started on automated drip email campaigns.

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    November 2015
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With Nimble’s social CRM, easily manage all your contacts, communications, activities and sales in one single place. Nimble's integration withMailChimp allows you to export your contacts to MailChimp and begin nurturing them with emails. Use MailChimp's powerful email analytics to help you identify which Nimble contacts to focus on, and what sort of information they want to receive from you. Then follow up with the Nimble Smart Contacts App to leave a note on their record in Nimble.

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MailChimp setup in Nimble
Send Nimble contacts to MailChimp
Select MailChimp list to send contacts


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    Fonctionne parfaitement de Nimble vers MailChimp. Il reste à ajouter l'export vers les groupes pour que ça soi parfait ;-)



    Because we want to send nimble CRM to mailchimp