Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM allows you to sync your contacts with MailChimp lists, and automatically add leads to autoresponders.

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    October 2016
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Use Nutshell CRM to organize your customers and track every piece of communication with them. With MailChimp integration you can export Nutshell contacts into specific MailChimp lists.

Set up a step in your sales process to push new leads into MailChimp autoresponder templates.

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    I use to integrate my contact on Mailchimp list and thus make easier mailing campaigns



    Nutshell is a straightforward, easy to learn, yet incredibly powerful CRM tool! I use it every day to help me manage my customer relationships and keep track of histories with each client. The integration with MailChimp makes it super simple for me to send drip campaigns to various lists of my Nutshell contacts! Thanks to these two tools I feel equipped to handle a large volume of customers. Great integration, two thumbs way up!