Office 365 SharePoint List Integration

Auto synchronize your Microsoft SharePoint Lists with your MailChimp Lists.

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Here’s how it works.

Your staff will appreciate using the intuitive yet powerful MailChimp interface for building trackable email and social marketing campaigns, newsletters etc.

Meanwhile, your subscriber lists are synchronized between SharePoint and MailChimp.

For example, when a member updates their profile to include “Weekly Newsletter”, the corresponding MailChimp email list is updated.

Likewise, if they click the unsubscribe link contained within MailChimp generated “Weekly Newsletter” message, the corresponding SharePoint list is updated.

Everything is automatic, everything is logged.

Automated workflows may also be used to trigger a MailChimp campaign.

For example, perhaps the “Monthly Report” is a paid subscription (PDF format). When a new PDF file is born, it gets uploaded to a Library (called “Monthly Reports” for this example). Perhaps you also have a review/approval process workflow which notifies the approver to take action. Once approved, the PDF is officially published, and viewable to customers whom belong to the “Monthly Report” paid subscription.

The moment the PDF is published, a MailChimp campaign is fired off to all customers.

The workflow itself can even pass variables to MailChimp to be used within the outbound email – this can be constructed (including workflows) without writing a single line of code.

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