MailChimp Campaign Displayer

Display your MailChimp campaigns in any WordPress using a simple shortcode.

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    September 2016
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This plugin let you import your MailChimp campaigns in WordPress as Custom Post Types.

It just requires a free MailChimp API Key.

You will be able to: - list your campaigns directly in WordPress admin area - display a campaign on front-end with a simple shortcode - see all your campaigns' statistics

Shortcode: [campaign id="123"] or simply copy paste the WordPress Custom Post Type's URL in another post.

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This screenshot shows the Setting section where you can save you API key and import your data.
This is the WordPress admin screen where your can see all your imported MailChimp campaigns
Campaigns are rendered in a Responsive iframe on front.
Campaigns are rendered in a Responsive iframe on front.


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    Only shows the top part of a newsletter, not the whole thing.