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Forget manually importing your contacts to MailChimp. OneSaas does all the hard work for you - so you have more time for business.

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    Jeff Perlman


    OneSaas has upgraded its MailChimp integration: You can now synchronize Tags with MailChimp groups. This feature was highly requested especially for HighRise to MailChimp integrations. This is available in a fixed format between Tag: GroupName:Value that is mapped to Value from Group Name in MailChimp -- in the future, we will add the ability to let the user customize these mappings even more



    If anyone's interested in exporting Highrise contacts to Mailchimp with Onesaas....unfortunately if you're hoping to do this the right way, Onesaas doesn't allow you to export Highrise tags into Mailchimp groups (organising contacts into one list with multiple groups is recommended by Mailchimp for my setup. However all that Onesaas can currently do is export contacts into multiple lists, which is not recommended by Mailchimp - see

    This is holding me back from using this promising service. The world definitely needs a service like Onesaas, but at the time of writing, their Highrise-Mailchimp contacts integration isn't quite there and lets it down. Here's hoping that they'll add a Mailchimp groups feature soon. Does anyone know of any alternative services that sync Highrise contacts/tags with Mailchimp?