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Send out targeted e-mail marketing to your clients with MailChimp.

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What is Schedulista?

Schedulista is a service that lets any business take appointments online.

=> Easy to set up

=> Flexible

=> Professional and highly customizable

How do Schedulista andMailChimp work together?

Schedulista tracks the full appointment history for each of your clients.

When you set up synchronization between Schedulista andMailChimp, all of your appointment data is exported toMailChimp — and it is kept up-to-date automatically.

Not only can you easily send a monthly newsletter to all of your clients without worrying about the hassle of exporting data and then importing it manually, you can also combine Schedulista data andMailChimp segmentation to easily send targeted email campaigns.


=> An offer for 20% off to all Groupon clients that have never re-booked.

=> A “We’re missing you...” e-mail to all clients that haven’t been in in the last six months

=> Any segmentation based on the number of appointments, last appointment date, next appointment date, or types of services previously scheduled.

Additional Information & Help

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Schedulista / MailChimp Setup


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    Love this. Has made my monthly marketing tasks so much easier. It has also helped me get in contact with clients I have not seen in a while. Thanks Schedulista + MailChimp



    Works great.



    I have a massage practice. I can send an email campaign to clients that haven't been in recently. Very helpful.

Freddie feedback