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Premium WordPress plugin for generating various types of squeeze pages that convert like crazy in seconds.

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    September 2015

Have a look at our sample OptIn pages and see how OptIn Ninja can help you get more subscribers.

Super Easy Setup

Everything works out of the box! There are even some sample pages available when you install the plugin so that you only have to change the text. You don't even need an autoresponder service since all subscribers are stored in a local database (which you can export).

Easy to Use A/B Tests

We know setting up A/B test can be frustrating so we made the process very simple. Once you have the master page done just make as many clones as you need and do the necessary modifications on them. It's that easy. Each test has a custom URL and detailed statistics.

Autoresponders Galore

OptIn Ninja supports MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Mad Mimi, ActiveCampaign and any custom form; more services are soon to come. You can also use Facebook to collect subscriber info and store data in a local database which doesn't require 3rd party services.

Detailed Analytics

Knowing what's going on is the most important thing in marketing! That's why we offer in-depth visits and conversion (second box views & subscriptions) statistics for all pages and tests. Google Analytics tracking is also supported with custom events tracking.

Works With all Themes & Plugins

OptIn Pages work indepently and hence are compatible with all themes and plugins. As long as you're running WordPress 3.8 or higher everything will function flawlessly.

Custom URLs for Pages & Test

All OptIn Pages have a fully customizable URL. You can even set an OptIn to be available as your site's home page. Same principle applies to A/B tests - put them on any URL you like.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Everything was designed from the ground up to work on mobile devices. Design is responsive and all tracking and subscribing services function on all modern mobile devices.

Support for Video

You can put any content you like in the OptIn Pages, including videos. Be it YouTube, Vimeo or any other service it will work. You can also host the video file on your WordPress site.

300+ Bundled Backgrounds

To help you get started we've included more than 200 background pattern images and 50 full HD background pictures. Use them to create sliding backgrounds or simple static ones.

Unlimited Design Combinations

We made sure you can customize OptIn Pages to any extent you need. From fonts, text color and size to border, backgrounds and buttons. Everything can be changed with just a few clicks.

Exit Stop Technology

Not all people will subscribe but we can make sure their number is as low as possible by displaying a custom message to all those who leave without subscribing.

Send Welcome Emails

If you opted to use our local email storage you can still send welcome emails to all your new subscribers, just as you'd with a paid 3rd party service. Emails can be fully customized.

Two Step OptIn Process

Having a two-step process can increase your conversions by up to 60% (source). It's a tried and tested method that raises interest with the visitors and then hooks them up.

Optional One Step OptIn Process

If you want to get your visitors to the subscribe form immediately you can disable the first step / content box. It's perfect when used with the pop-up method.

Show OptIns in a pop-up / lightbox

All OptIn Pages and A/B test can be displayed in a pop-up / lightbox window using the provided shortcode or by modifying any existing link. A great option to collect emails on existing pages.

9 Pop-up positions

By default pop-ups open in the middle of the screen, but you can choose one of nine predefined positions (top, left, right, bottom, ...) to make sure you get the most out of your campaign.

Push & email notifications

Whenever a new user subscribes you can be notified by a native mobile push notification (available for iPhone, Android, and Desktop) or a custom email. A great way to keep your lists in check.

OptIn Ninja is Cheap

For the price of OptIn Ninja you can't get even one month on sites such as LeadPages. You'll get the invested $28 back in new subscribers within days after you setup your first page.

Fully Documented

Carefully thought out predefined values, sample pages and test as well as rich inline documentation will ensure you never get stuck. However, if you do there's always the full documentation.

Premium Dedicated Support

OptIn Ninja is a premium WordPress plugin so if you experience any problems our fast and friendly support is here to help you. We've built more than 50 premium plugins and have your back.

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Detailed analytics are available for all OptIn Pages
Each OptIn page can be adjusted with more than 50 options.
+300 images will help you build the perfect OptIn page


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