Integrates MailChimp with OSCommerce

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    Graith Internet
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    September 2015
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Integrates MailChimp with OSCommerce so that when your customer creates an account (for the checkout process), if they tick the Newsletter box, their first name, last name and email address are automatcially sent to your MailChimp mailing list using the MailChimp API

When you use MailChimp to send a campaign email, it sends a unique URL to every customer. If a customer clicks on the link and then buys something from your site, the product and all the finance values are sent to MailChimp which analyses it. You can see how many people opened your campaigns and clicked the links, plus instant ROI results for every email campaign you send.

This code also supports CRE Loaded and LoadedCommerce (6.2-6.5)

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    Bernard Langer


    I've used Mailchimp for another client so didn't have any doubt about that part. The Integration software from Graith was very easy to install and the developer responsive to extra questions I had about something else.

    I have no hesitation recommending this software for OSCommerce.