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Combine MailBeez intelligence with MailChimp design and sending security

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What does the integration do?

The combination of MailChimp and MailBeez will increase your revenue! Install MailBeez for free and try before you buy. Free Download on mailbeez.com.

Automated Marketing

Generate intelligent, personalised MailChimp campaigns directly from your osCommerce store! Test everything with Simulations before switching into Product Mode and track results and KPIs in your MailBeez Dashboard.

Examples for MailBeez personalised Campaign Modules:

  • product review requests with auto-login
  • multistep win back campaigns with coupons
  • send re-order coupons to e.g. first-time customers
  • contact new signed up customers without purchase
  • use viral customer referral campaigns on e.g. Facebook and Twitter

See all modules on mailbeez.com/pricelist


STAY IN SYNC! on both sides with true 2-way synchronisation keeps information up-to-date. No Matter if you have your subscriber information managed in your osCommerce store or in MailChimp! New Customers with Newsletter Subscription in your Store are added to MailChimp and new Subscribers in MailChimp update the Customer information in your Store. You can use a fall-back email engine for non-subscribers.


No extra efforts - once set up and configured the integration will run on autopilot! Every sending and engagements like clicks and orders are tracked!

What the hey is MailBeez?

If you run an osCommerce store then here’s the skinny: MailBeez is a store admin controlled email eco-system that you can add to over time. From automating product review requests, right down to the creation and delivery of personalized offer coupons, Mailbeez gets things done, driving increased revenue from your existing customer base, and mining the lifecycle of your customer to its fullest potential.


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The MailBeez Effect - improve Customer Loyalty
Track and analyse MailBeez campaigns


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