Picnic CRM

Picnic CRM is a simple customer relationship management web app that keeps track of your contacts and daily tasks.

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  • Developer
    Social Heads, LLC.
  • Last Updated
    May 2013
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Picnic CRM lets you import your MailChimp contacts via seamless integration. You can then add tasks relating to each contact, add tags for better organization of lists, share notes with other team members and export specific groups of contacts to be used in your next email marketing campaign.

Want to send a newsletter to everyone who likes the New York Yankees? Picnic CRM makes this very easy by use of tags. Simply export your list of contacts tagged with "Yankees" and import it into your favorite email marketing platform.

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    Picnic CRM is super easy to use and it makes organizing your MailChimp contacts simple.



    I requested they integrate mailchimp into their app and they had it done within a week.



    Very easy-to-use contact management tool! Imported my MailChimp contacts in a snap!

Freddie feedback