PieSync is a powerful solution to keep your MailChimp contacts in perfect 2-way sync with your favorite cloud apps.

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With PieSync you can set-up real-time bidirectional sync between MailChimp and a multitude of different cloud applications in minutes.

PieSync will monitor your contacts and sync every update to MailChimp. New subscribers or other contact updates in MailChimp will immediately sync back to your cloud applications.

Updating contacts is done by smart contact data matches that automatically merge data to avoid duplicates.

In addition, PieSync provides a number of powerful filters you can use to define which contacts you want to keep in sync with which MailChimp list.

Sync your MailChimp contacts between Office 365 Outlook.com, Zendesk, Infusionsoft, Contactually, QuickBooks, HubSpot, Freshbooks, FreshSales, Salesforce, Google Contacts, Podio, Capsule CRM, Nimble, Workbooks, Insightly, OnePageCRM, SugarCRM, Highrise, Pipedrive, FollowUpBoss, and many more!

See the full list of integrations here.

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    We had a list of about 2000 businesses in a Nimble CRM system but that is limited to a small number of emails per day so we needed an emailing system to produce and send a newsletter. MailChimp was the obvious choice and we could have done a simple export for the purpose. But as soon as you do that you have two sets of data which are likely to get out of sync as people unsubscribe or update their details. PieSync is a great solution because not only can it update Nimble when people unsubscribe or change their information in MailChimp but also it can update MailChimp when information is changed or new contacts added to the newsletter list in Nimble. There isn't another product that I know of that can do that.



    We use PiSync to connect to MailChimp and could not ask for a better result. Before this, we basically had no email marketing system however now we are able to send emails to a list easily while also managing email preferences in our CRM system! Highly recommend.



    Works well, except that date fields don't sync between MailChimp and Intercom, which technically eliminates our reporting capabilities (can't report account growth over time, etc).

    Island girl KS


    Took a minute to figure out, but other wise worked great. Tips for other users: label your G mail/ G Suite contacts FIRST. Easier to sort into Mail chimp 'groups'. I only wanted "clients" into Mail chimp, not my business associates. Lable them in G suites if you keep your family or others you would not send Mail chimp to. No addresses would integrate - that was disappointing, but I get it the chimp is email program so I guess it is not needed.



    I use PieSync to keep my Gmail, MailChimp & My CRM contacts in sync. It has been a flawless solution.



    I used the integration to sync Salesforce to MailChimp - needed to sync my contacts. It works great! The user interface is very simple and I was able to learn how to use PieSync myself. Their support is also readily available to assist.



    I did use the PieSync integration between our CRM (Pipedrive) and MailChimp, because the CRM solution at this stage is incomplete (doesn't allow real-time sync with rules).

    It does works really great for specific inside comunications, congrats to the PieSync team !!



    Works like a charm!



    PiseSync saves me about 3 hours per month.

    I use PieSync to sync my Nimble CRM and MailChimp. It means if people update their profile e.g. email or last name or unsubscribe via MailChimp this information is also update in my Nimble CRM database.

    PieSync is so useful in helping businesses to create a "Single Source of Truth about A Customer" because it also syncs with accounting packages such as Xero and Quickbooks.

    The PieSync support have been very quick to respond to requests on "How to Do".

    Love it

    Florian Anderhub


    I've been using PieSync for more than two years and also the connection with Mailchimp was smooth. I was pleased to see how thoroughly the two way sync options where preset with all sort of if, or, else options you're not aware at first. Our sync was between Nimble CRM and Mailchimp giving us up to date subscriptions overview. I'm glad to give you all a big thumbs up!



    We used PieSync to sync Highrise tags to Mailchimp groups. It works but whenever you want to sync a new tag in Highrise you have to create it in Mailchimp and write the rule in PieSync. When I signed up I was hoping that PieSync would automatically sync all my tags and great matching groups in Mailchimp. We don't have to add groups often so it is not a big deal. The service works.



    I've been using MailChimp and PieSync to sync data with my Nimble CRM SaaS application. It has been about 6 months and so far it's super easy, reliable and keeps my contacts updated between platforms.

    Specifically with Nimble, I use tagging to select which contacts to sync for marketing campaigns. Previously, the only option with Nimble was one-way sync and a lot of manual work. Soooo happy to have PieSync do everything for me now!



    Works great to keep your contacts in sync with a variety of apps you might be using alongside Mailchimp.



    Bidirectional sync with Prosperworks. Works very well since PW revised its API access several months ago. Very happy.



    Bidirectional sync with Prosperworks. Works very well since PW revised its API access several months ago. Very happy.



    Easy to use and reliable sync between MailChimp and my google contacts. I can also choose in the event of uncertainty which (google contacts or mailchimp) takes priority. Saves us a lot of time rather than sifting through lots of information to comply with data protection.



    PieSync is a very easy to use and is a great way to integrate certain Outlook contacts with my MailChimp mailing list and keep those contacts updated as they are updated in Outlook. I created a Newsletter category in Outlook and tagged those contacts that I want to synch with my MailChimp newsletter list, and it works great. The synchronization goes both directions, so new subscribers in MailChimp are added to my Outlook Contacts. I recommend this to all my colleagues who use MailChimp.



    Used to set up a bidirectional link between Mailchimp contacts and Podio, updating and correcting in unison - saves time and works well by merging the data allowing more time to focus on building up customer relations. It also keeps us organised and in-the-know.

    Petter Granberg


    Works Great! I use this integration to keep my business contacts in outlook (office365) synced with a specifik list in mailchimp.

    I would like more options and filters, but I heard it's on the way!



    Easier interface than other sync apps and very clean. Takes care of all the sync needs between mailchimp and google contacts with ease and has many other cool tools. Worth getting for sure.

    Fiona Todd


    We are very successfully using PieSync to bidirectional sync our contacts between Onepagecrm and Mailchimp. This saves us time having to manually add new contacts for our newsletters and mailouts. Giving us more time to focus on our clients and the important tasks in our business.