PieSync is a powerful solution to keep your MailChimp contacts in perfect 2-way sync with your favorite cloud apps.

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    November 2016
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With PieSync you can set-up real-time bidirectional sync between MailChimp and a multitude of different cloud applications in minutes.

PieSync will monitor your contacts and sync every update to MailChimp. New subscribers or other contact updates in MailChimp will immediately sync back to your cloud applications.

Updating contacts is done by smart contact data matches that automatically merge data to avoid duplicates.

In addition, PieSync provides a number of powerful filters you can use to define which contacts you want to keep in sync with which MailChimp list.

PieSync currently supports the following cloud applications: Office 365 Outlook.com, Zendesk, Infusionsoft, QuickBooks, Hubspot, Freshbooks, Salesforce, Google Contacts, Podio, Capsule CRM, Nimble, Workbooks, Insightly, OnePageCRM, Highrise, Pipedrive, BigContacts, FollowUpBoss, and many more!

See the full list of integrations here.

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    Used to set up a bidirectional link between Mailchimp contacts and Podio, updating and correcting in unison - saves time and works well by merging the data allowing more time to focus on building up customer relations. It also keeps us organised and in-the-know.

    Petter Granberg


    Works Great! I use this integration to keep my business contacts in outlook (office365) synced with a specifik list in mailchimp.

    I would like more options and filters, but I heard it's on the way!



    Easier interface than other sync apps and very clean. Takes care of all the sync needs between mailchimp and google contacts with ease and has many other cool tools. Worth getting for sure.

    Fiona Todd


    We are very successfully using PieSync to bidirectional sync our contacts between Onepagecrm and Mailchimp. This saves us time having to manually add new contacts for our newsletters and mailouts. Giving us more time to focus on our clients and the important tasks in our business.