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Image blocking in email sucks - this is where Pixlcodr comes is. It solves image blocking in email with 8 features.

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    September 2015

For more than 60% of the email recipients are blocking images in the HTML-formatted messages they are receiving.

That means that they might miss the primary call-to-action. Our image blocking killer let's you optimize your email messages to increase the click-throughs of your email campaigns.

The features of the Pixlcodr app:

  1. Compatible
    Our image blocking killer tool is compatible with all popular emailclients

  2. Adjustible image quality
    Reduction of the image quality, reduces the file-size. This is important for the whole email size. In this way you can turn your images into a preview-state and optimize your email message. This method assures the most click-throughs.

  3. Reusable
    The generated code is stored in your account on the pixlcodr-server, so you can reuse it. As long as you keep your account available, the code will be save in the cloud. ( depending on your account)

  4. Image Download Compatible
    The output of our engine ensures that the visibility of the images is optimized, even before and after your images are downloaded. After downloading the blocked images, the recipients will see the email message in all it's glory. This will increase the click-throughs of your email.

  5. Integratable
    With our API it is easy to integrate the image blocking killer in your email templates. Copy-paste the generated code of the api-wizard to optimize your email messages.

  6. Clickable
    All your converted images can still be clickable. Just add an URL within the app to the converted image; the URL is stored within the generated code. (some emailclients delete the link)

  7. Adjustible image location
    The original uploaded image is by default stored in your account on the Pixlcodr-server. It is also possible to add a URL to a custom location.

  8. Lowest in Pricing
    Starting from $ 1.25 once up to $ 4.99 per month, it is a very price worthy application. And there is of course the FREE Demo.

We serve an API-integration

The Pixlcodr API is designed to integrate the Pixlcodr image-to-table rendering technology into external applications, i.e. mailing tools, automated e-mail systems of other automated e-mail related purposes.

Code reduction
Pixlcodr optimizes the output (HTML code) with a given reduction factor. The higher the factor, the lower the quality of the image, but the smaller the filesize of the HTML code. The reduction factor is an argument when calling the Pixlcodr API, just like it is when you use our website.

Recommended implementation:
Server-to-server communication may fail, like any other communication between to nodes on the internet. In order to let the main application (your application, that implement this API) not be affected by any form of conncection problems, we strongly recommend that the API is not implemented in any scripts or logic that are directly called by user interaction.

In case of sending an e-mail, we recommend that you prepare an e-mail, triggered by user interaction. Rendering the image to a table, by calling the API, should then not be included in this script, as it may fail and thereby affect the user experience of your application. It should be called by an automated trigger, i.e. a cronjob, that makes the connection to the API and then send the e-mail to the user.

The API is available through SOAP and REST.

The API requires credentials, as this is a paid service.

One can submit an $apikey variable with every request. This variable is a string that should by passed on throught the headers that are sent with the request. E.g. adding the variable “apikey” to the SOAP-headers for a SOAP-request, adding it to the HTTP-headers for a REST-request.

There is currently one function available through the API.

Download the API-manual at:

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