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Power BI allows you to easily monitor and visualize your MailChimp data.

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The Power BI content pack pulls data from your MailChimp account and generates a dashboard, a set of reports and a dataset to allow you to explore your data. Use MailChimp’s analytics to quickly identify trends within your campaigns, reports, and individual subscribers. Find out who your most engaged subscribers are, which countries open the most campaigns, or how trends have changed over time. Power BI lets users drill down into their MailChimp data without any coding knowledge, and automatic data updates help you make the most informed decisions possible.


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MailChimp dashboard in Power BI


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    i receive an 404 error after the oauth took place.



    There was an error when processing the data in the dataset. Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.



    I have many clients on Mailchimp and I use Power Bi for their reports (website traffic PPC, etc) however, I have fount that I am unable to link to different Mailchimp accounts for each dashboard- it appears to only want to work for one integration for the entire Power Bi Desktop?

      Power BI


      Hi James, You are correct. Right now, the way the integration is implemented allows you to connect to a single MailChimp account from Power BI at a time.



    Hi, I am having big problems understanding how to drill down into the subscriber names of those people opening my MailChimp campaigns. Is there a simple walk through Best Practice guide so I can do this using the Beta integrator?





    My mailchimp dashboard isn't refreshing automatically.

      Power BI


      Hi Tiago, Your refresh isn't enable because it likely failed a few times, after which Power BI disables it automatically. Can you check your data set refresh history and see if there were failures? You can also enable back the scheduled refresh from the data set settings screen.



    Has anyone been able to see their campaign subscriber report? I would really like to see who opened and clicked on my email and which link ...then filter by specific merge tags. Is this possible in power bi?



    Hi, i would like to see lets say TOP5 e-mail addresses with most clicks on all campaigns together (how many clicks every e-mail address has in year 2016...). Is that possible with this dataset? Thank you very much, Ondrej



    Hi there, Trying to retrieve data but errors messages which says OLE DB or ODBC error (500) internal server error. The current operation was cancelled because another operation in the transaction failed.

    Cannot retrieve / find the mailchimp visulization templates either.

    Thanks for your help,





    We wanted to extract a list of recipients directly into Power BI, to match the recipients to their assigned industry. But the "Mailchimp Instance" that uses an Invoke, doesn't work. What's the API List ID we should use? We've tried the List ID mentioned under settings and we've tried the ID mentioned in the URL.

    Many thanks in advance Kind regards

      Power BI


      Hi Robin, We are working on some improvements to the Power BI Desktop integration that should make this a lot easier. They should be coming out with the next monthly update to Power BI Desktop. We will respond back here as soon as they are available with some suggestions on how to make this work. Thanks!



    (I take back my previous review.) After playing around, I discovered that with PowerBI Desktop's native MailChimp (beta) connector, you can use the "MailChimp Instance" function to invoke API 3.0 calls. For example, I was able to retrieve a list of all my members by entering this path/parameter into the prompt: "/lists/<API LIST ID HERE>/members?count=1000" and the Power BI app was able to convert the JSON into a table. Fantastic! Wish it didn't take me an hour of playing around to figure out.

      Power BI


      Hi Brad - great to hear you found the functions, they're included along with the out of box tables so that you can access directly the content you want. We appreciate this is a little hidden and will be working to improve this, please add any other suggestions at http://ideas.powerbi.com so others can vote as well!



    I need to be able to connect Power BI Desktop to MailChimp and I need to be able to pull a list of List Members and all of their associated default and custom profile data. I see there are some "functions" in the desktop app like "Collection, Instance, and Test" - any way that I can get the data I need today?



    I connected to Power BI but none of the data imports even when I attempt to refresh.

    Activity ID60b09163-b4b5-42db-a602-dc55b5531e56 Request IDafc6834c-b62a-8934-8edd-094da230bb9d Correlation IDe62d01fd-74ca-78fc-9d5b-658f6f11614f Status code200 TimeTue Jul 05 2016 15:41:26 GMT-0400 (EDT) Version13.0.1500.347 Cluster URIhttps://wabi-us-east2-redirect.analysis.windows.net

      Power BI


      Hi Sarah - sorry to hear you're hitting issues loading the data, looks like you could be hitting a timeout. If you're still seeing this please file a support ticket at http://support.powerbi.com to ensure our support engineers can investigate the issue!



    Great idea. Unfortunately, the MailChimp Content Package for PowerBI won't work at all. The system is unaible to receive the data to fill the reports or Dashboards. Even after waiting for hours, there's still no data to work with, just nameless error messages. Tried to connect multiple times with multiple accounts, but no luck at all.

    Power BI


    Thanks for all of your feedback. We've been working over the last few months to add features to both the Power BI Desktop connector and the web-based content pack. The new content pack (which was released today) contains 17 data tables in an enhanced data model, along with improved reports and dashboard. Head over to https://app.powerbi.com/groups/me/getdata/services/mailchimp to get the latest version.

    The Desktop connector (which will be available in the next release of Power BI Desktop at the end of June) contains the same 17 tables, in addition to two functions that advanced users can use to query the MailChimp API directly. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!



    Not quite there yet, I would say. The content pack for Power BI Service is okay, but it lacks some fundamentals. For example, I'd like to show the development of the members count of lists over time, but it doesn't seem to be possible just yet. Also, the location data is not compatible with Power BI's built-in maps. For example, the regions in Germany are displayed as DE_TH, DE_RP etc., which leads Power BI to think these are in Africa and America. Otherwise, it sure is a great idea to integrate Mailchimp into Power BI! Hope the "beta" status of the connector will change over time.

      Power BI


      Hi Lasse, Thanks for your feedback. The newly updated content pack allows you to see 100 days of history of changes to any list's member count. After you have instantiated a new version of the content pack from https://app.powerbi.com/groups/me/getdata/services/mailchimp, check out the column chart in the lower right corner of the List Overview report page. You can see results compiled for all of your lists, or select a particular list in the slicer on the left side of the page.



    We are using the PowerBU Content Pack for MailChimp but having an issue trying to use the Unique Campaign measures. In particular the calculated UniqeOpens only seems to show unique open percentage for all the campaigns in my account whereas I want to be able to show the unique open percentage for a particular campaign. Is there someone that can help me where I may go wrong please.

    As always, thank you for your help and a great tool. we love MailChimp.



      Power BI


      Hi Martin, We've updated the content pack's handling of unique measures in a way that should make more sense. Go ahead and instantiate a new content pack at https://app.powerbi.com/groups/me/getdata/services/mailchimp. You can find unique opens on the Campaign Overview report page. Simply select a campaign in the list on the left to see the unique measures in a gray box on the right.



    I second what the other reviewer said. In PowerBI desktop I currently only have 5 tables to work with, but online there is at least double that. It is still in Beta so they are working on it but the desktop integration is all but useless until they get the integration a bit more mature.

      Power BI


      Hi Josh, An updated version of the Power BI Desktop connector will be coming at the end of June, which will allow access to 17 data tables. Thanks for giving the Beta connector a try!



    Getting there. Not sure if it's a MailChimp thing or if it's a Microsoft thing, but there's a huge difference in usable data between the PowerBI desktop vs. the web version. Web has some pretty nice data features built into it, though not exactly what I need, but desktop offers very different data to work with. Big discrepancy.

    Desktop version also doesn't allow for nearly the same data shaping customization as other integrated apps do, like Google Analytics for example. One day this will be awesome, just not quite there yet.

      Power BI


      Hi Splitsville, We've been working to add features to both the Desktop and web offerings to enhance the usefulness and bring them closer to parity. The improved web content pack was just released today, you should check it out at https://app.powerbi.com/groups/me/getdata/services/mailchimp and see if any of the improvements help your use case. The new Desktop connector will be included with the end-of-June release of Power BI Desktop so be sure to check that out too!