When you add the official MailChimp module to your PrestaShop store, you increase the power of both.

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    June 2017


Abandoned cart & E-commerce automation

Recapture sales by automatically following up with customers whose path to purchase was interrupted. Our abandoned cart automations make it easy for online sellers to remind customers what they’ve left behind and encourage them to complete their purchase. Follow up with, delight, and re-engage your customers. Use pre-built customer lifecycle automations tailored to your industry to create targeted series of emails to reach your subscribers at the right time.

Product recommendations

Our automatic, built-in product recommendations empower businesses of any size to generate personalized suggestions for customers based on their past purchase behavior.

Order notifications

Design and send personalized transactional messages—like shipping notifications, invoices, and more—directly through MailChimp. Then, encourage customers to return to your store with relevant product recommendations.

Sophisticated segmentation

MailChimp automatically creates the most common segmenting conditions for you, so you can target your customers by signup date, demographics, and purchase history with just one click.

Detailed reporting

Analyze your MailChimp reports for a detailed look at the performance of your marketing. We’ll track your most important metrics—from engagement to ROI—so you can sell more stuff.

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