ProAddon MailChimp Integration for Dynamics CRM

Connect the powerful email marketing tool MailChimp with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 system.

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    June 2017

Using ProAddon's MailChimp Integration addon enables you to realise your email and newsletter campaigns completely within your Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 system. Create beautiful and individual HTML email templates via drag and drop, send them to your contacts, companies and leads using static or dynamic marketing lists and finally gain deep insights into email statistics to optimize your marketing, sales and customer service activities.

Benefit from extended email marketing features in Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365: - ProAddon's MailChimp Integration addon connects the powerful email marketing tool MailChimp with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 system for extended and professional email marketing. - Realise email and newsletter campaigns smoothly within your CRM environment. - Access all needed data, functionalities and statistics within only one tool – your familiar CRM system.

Easily create beautiful HTML email and newsletter templates via drag and drop: - Use the professional MailChimp drag and drop editor to create individual email and newsletter templates. - Choose from a variety of layouts and adapt them as you like in regards to colors, formats, images, email blocks, etc. - Drag and drop various template blocks into and within the layout (e.g. text blocks, images, videos, social media buttons, etc.). - Quickly and easily create email templates for different occasions (e.g. newsletters, invitations, seasonal greetings, etc.) and in your corporate design. - Personalise the email and newsletter templates with data from your CRM system completely without programming skills, only by defining merge tags (use data of all your standard and custom CRM fields). - Benefit from email and newsletter templates which are automatically optimized for the mobile view on tablets and smartphones as well as for various email clients (e.g. Gmail, GMX, etc.).

Use a variety of email test and sending options: - Send test emails to single test recipients. - Use static or dynamic marketing lists to send your emails and newsletters. - Use split A/B tests to make sure that the most successful email version will be send to the majority of your recipients.

Monitor the performance of your email and newsletter campaigns with extended email statistics: - Keep track on the performance of your email and newsletter campaigns by viewing extended email statistics all within your Dynamics CRM system. - See the number of sent emails, bounces, opened emails, etc. for each email campaign and even on contact, company or lead level. - Benefit from these statistics in form of lists and diagrams for targeted and successful follow ups and the continuous optimization of your email and marketing activities.

ProAddon's MailChimp Integration addon is frequently used for following marketing applications: newsletter marketing, customer direct mailing, event marketing, seasonal campaigns, etc.

Have a look at our ProWebForm addon too ( to easily generate HTML webforms for keeping track and automatically storing newsletter signups within CRM and your emailing list.

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