Q-Chimp for Sage CRM

Save time and effort by having Q-Chimp sync your Sage CRM Contacts to and from MailChimp.

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  • Developer
    Qmulus Solutions Ltd
  • Last Updated
    January 2016

Q-Chimp is a bi directional, always-on integration. Send MailChimp campaigns from Sage CRM using existing Lead/CompanyPerson Group lists and view Opens & Clicks in one system.

Q-Chimp tracks email statistics, such as sends, successful deliveries, opens, clicks by link, bounces and unsubscribes back to the individual Sage CRM Contact, Lead and Accounts.

In keeping with standard CRM functionality, you can associate the email blast with CRM Campaigns, Waves and Wave Activities. E-mail Templates can be created from within Sage CRM and even include merge fields.

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