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    Qualaroo, Inc.
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    June 2015

Get More from Your Website: Convert More Visitors into Email Subscribers.

Qualaroo for MailChimp delivers opt-in email subscribers directly into your MailChimp account, in real-time, building your email lists from qualified website visitors. Use in-the-moment surveys that ask visitors for their email upon completion, or use instant email collectors that target visitors on specific pages.

Grow your business by building your email list. Qualaroo makes it easy with advanced targeting and behavioral controls.

Plus, use Qualaroo surveys to understand what your customers and potential customers want and what’s preventing them from achieving it. Qualaroo makes it easy to uncover these critical insights with our website surveys. Uncover visitor confusion with your product offerings, understand objections in your purchase funnel, and improve the conversion rate of visitors to MailChimp subscribers.

Target surveys and email collectors to visitors anywhere on your website. You can be up and running in 2 minutes, and you can use powerful targeting technology to ensure you hit exactly who you target. Qualaroo for MailChimp is part of our Enterprise plan, write to MailChimp@qualaroo.com for more info today.

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