MailChimp subscribe boxes... Quickly. Create and publish a MailChimp subscribe box in 60 seconds using FormLead!

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    JAS Technology LLC
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    December 2014
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FormLead was created to solve a problem that is a common theme in email marketing: "I just need a quick subscribe box on my website".

For the thousands, and thousands, of MailChimp customers, this can be a tedious task. Keeping track of the subscribe boxes you have on various pages can get confusing, Utilizing different features with each box can result in you spending more time coding your subscribe boxes than reaping their benefits.

FormLead features include:

  • Multiple Lists Subscription
  • Optional Subscription Confirmation
  • Optional Welcome Message
  • Display of List Fields
  • Display of List Groups
  • Automatic List Group Subscription
  • Custom "Thank You" Display
  • Custom Button Text
  • Custom "Thank You" URL
  • Box Color Scheme Selection

The creators of FormLead live and breathe email marketing and are expert MailChimp'ers. We understand the challenges in deploying subscribe boxes, keeping them organized, and making sure you can use them in the most flexible way.

Grow those lists!!!


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Configure multiple boxes.
Simple interface for box creation
Multiple box publishing methods to fit your site
Customize color and size to match your branding


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    Aaron Ross


    I thought it was crazy that I can't set up multiple opt-in subscribe forms on different parts of my site, to enable visitors to opt-in in different ways, for different offers.

    Why isn't this a standard part of Mailchimp?!

    Luckily QuickChimp nailed this and was easy to set up.

    Awesome :)



    This is an incredibly easy way to add subscribe boxes to your site or blog. You just fill out a few options, pick your lists, and it will give you your subscribe box all ready to go.

    Great concept and a very useful add-on to MailChimp!