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You can integrate MailChimp with Quotient so that every time you send a Quotient estimate/quote to a customer or prospect, their email address is automatically added to MailChimp.

When you first connect Quotient to MailChimp, a one-off import of your Quotient contacts will be actioned. It’ll then continue to run in the background and grow your MailChimp list.

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    Nicole - Eureka Buyers Agents QLD


    Ive been using quotient now for about 6 weeks - LOVE IT! It has streamlined my whole quoting process and made things much simpler for both myself and my prospective clients. I love the various integrations, esp with mailchimp. This in itself, has saved me so much time. 'Thankyou!' Quotient Team!

    Nicolas - Glass by Design SA


    After 20 years of struggling with half-baked & inadequate Accounting & Quoting software applications - FINALLY the most brilliant quotation system ever has arrived! I have used Quotient for 3 months now and can truly say, that nothing else comes close to the versatility, functionality & ease of use of Quotient. My quote acceptance rate has sky-rocketed since I've been using their system & their smart business-at-a-glance dashboards and automated email reminders to customers, as well as useful & seamless integration with other online platforms such as MailChimp - truly make this the ONLY choice, when it comes to choosing your next Quoting System for a small to medium sized business!



    It has become standard practice to use this product. It helps us know when the client has received and opened the quote... it's a seamless process. We just love knowing the quote has been seen. We know how to follow up and 'close' or not to close.