Recurly Integration

Manage your MailChimp members based on new Recurly customers or create Recurly accounts for MailChimp subscribers.

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    March 2018


Subscribed everywhere

Zapier’s MailChimp-Recurly integration automatically connects the two services so you can subscribe and unsubscribe mailing list members when new Recurly accounts, transactions, and subscriptions are detected, or set up Recurly accounts for new MailChimp subscribers.

Need even more control?

  • Combine actions with Multi-Step Zaps to create powerful automated workflows, like subscribing new Recurly customers to your active customer mailing list and unsubscribing them from your other marketing lists.
  • Use MailChimp Search Actions to look for subscribers to match new Recurly accounts and transactions, updating their information further details or creating them if they don’t already exist. Alternatively, set up automated list management by searching across all your lists to find where they already exist so you can add or remove them on others.

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