SalesforceIQ - MailChimp Integration

This two-way sync lets you send new subscribers and other key information to your marketing and sales teams.

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    December 2015
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Create a seamless connection between marketing and sales by integrating SalesforceIQ with MailChimp.

You can now integrate SalesforceIQ with MailChimp in the time it takes to send a handful of emails. You’ll make sales more efficient, marketing more targeted, and everyone’s job less work—all without writing a single line of code.

When you connect SalesforceIQ and MailChimp, you can…

  • Automatically add new subscribers from MailChimp into SalesforceIQ so your sales team won’t skip a beat reaching out to potential customers.

  • Give your sales team easy access to data from MailChimp that will help them gain a deeper understanding of subscribers, set priorities, and close deals faster.

  • Push key information from SalesforceIQ back into MailChimp so you can create targeted, relevant, and impactful marketing campaigns that nurture quality subscribers and amplify your sales efforts.

All you’ll need is…

  • A "Growth" or "Business" SalesforceIQ plan.

  • A MailChimp plan and your login information.

Connecting SalesforceIQ to MailChimp is simple, easy, and can be implemented by any Admin of your SalesforceIQ account with no technical expertise required. It’s just one more example of how SalesforceIQ supercharges your team with the power of relationship intelligence!

This integration is available to all MailChimp users with a "Business" SalesforceIQ plan. Don’t have a SalesforceIQ account yet? Sign up on the SalesforceIQ site ( to start your 14-day free trial today!

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