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Manage MailChimp subscribers from within Sage CRM using groups created from persons, leads, companies and opportunities.

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    May 2015

Manage your marketing campaign from within CRM and send out a mass email through MailChimp’s email delivery platform. Segment your customers into groups, send email blasts to some new leads you’ve acquired and take advantage of MailChimp reporting tools to track who has received, opened and clicked on links in your emails. Support for Sage CRM 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3.

Key Features

  • Create MailChimp campaigns from within Sage CRM at the click of a button using Sage CRM's existing marketing module.
  • Keep group members in Sage CRM synchronized with MailChimp. Any new contacts added to the group of members targeted by your marketing campaign in Sage CRM will be pushed through to MailChimp automatically.
  • Create new groups in Sage CRM based on the results of previous MailChimp campaigns. This can allow you to create follow up campaigns based on email clicks, opens, etc, within Sage CRM.
  • Keep unsubscriptions in sync with Sage CRM to avoid you inadvertently contacting anyone that has decided to opt out of your emarketing strategy.
  • View clicks, opens and other MailChimp Activity linked to your individual customers within Sage CRM via a new "MailChimp Activity" tab on your Person, Lead and Company screens.

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