VidWrx for MailChimp

Manage entire video content lifecycle within MailChimp, from video creation & deployment to lead capture & analytics.

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    October 2015

Adding video content to email campaigns has been shown to increase open rates and conversions at every step of the sales funnel. However, given the cost and complexity of creating video ad content (combined with deliverability issues), many email marketers are unable to effectively integrate video in their campaigns. With VidWrx, you can now order professionally produced video ads and custom video content anywhere in North America, and have it ready for your email campaigns in 14 days or less. The VidWrx app also offers free hosting for all your video content, customizable and embeddable video players plus useful video analytics to monitor the performance of each video.

Key VidWrx App Features:

On demand video ads and custom video content

VidWrx shoots videos anywhere in North America and delivers them in 14 days or less, fast enough to include in your next email campaign. Our dedicated production team, online platform, and proven processes can transform your creative concepts into high-quality videos, optimized for online viewing.

Order & manage video content creation directly from your MailChimp dashboard

Our enhanced, in-platform communication features make it easier for you to collaborate with your team, clients and your dedicated VidWrx production team and manage the entire creative process online.

Easily add ‘Play Now’ video thumbnails to any MailChimp campaign (free)

VidWrx’ MailChimp integration makes it easy to embed your video player in any email message. Simply insert a snippet of code in your HTML backend, and the app will automatically create a ‘Play Now’ thumbnail that links to your SoMedia hosted video content.

Custom video player and advanced lead-gate features

Use our video player’s color customization feature to align with your email layout or brand guidelines or add calls-to-action and a lead gate to collect leads and enhance email conversions.

Turn subscribers into qualified leads with real-time video engagement data (free)

Once your videos are live, the app will track powerful video performance analytics that can be paired with your MailChimp subscriber activities. The app syncs valuable viewing data such as video plays, drop-offs and completion rates, social metrics, geography and device back to your MailChimp dashboard. Using this engagement data, you can track warm prospects and follow-up with targeted messages to further increase conversions. You can also trigger an email/auto responder series or try out new A/B testing ideas.

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