Keep lists in sync with your customer database. Add stats to your Scoro dashboard. Compare results against set goals.

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Scoro lets you access, manage and automate data across your favorite productivity, CRM and billing tools including MailChimp. This way you don’t have to shuffle between different software and emails or bother others to get your work done.

With Scoro, you will:

  • get a one click overview of your entire company on a beautiful dashboard
  • get a 360 degree overview of each client & project
  • align everyone’s calendars & tasks
  • manage your deals, quotes, billing & expenses
  • share & access files where they’re needed, plus
  • get insanely thorough reports

Keep your lists automatically in sync with your customer database.

With Scoro’s MailChimp integration your lists are automatically kept in sync with your customer database in Scoro. For instance if you add a new Boston contact to Scoro, it will be also automatically added to your New York mailing list in MailChimp. In Scoro you can filter and sort your customer list in countless ways and sync the results with an appropriate list in MailChimp.

View mailing statistics on your Scoro dashboard and compare results to goals.

You can see statistics on opens, clicks, unsubscribes etc. directly in Scoro, both as a summarized report and under each individual contact.

Moreover, you can add the statistics to your Scoro dashboard with just a few clicks to instantly compare your campaign results with set benchmarks and goals.

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