Seg - Awesome Ecommmerce Segmentation

Send your customers emails they'll love. Segment cleverly in plain English and prove the real ROI of your emails.

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    April 2015

Find your customers using plain English.

Seg takes the complexity out of your job. It grabs your website traffic, email clicks and customer orders as they happen, then creates straightforward, understandable profiles for every customer so that you can elegantly and quickly find the perfect set of customers for your email marketing campaigns.

Then you just one-click publish the segment to a MailChimp campaign. Simple. Then design and send your campaign as usual through your beloved MailChimp account.

You can quickly find customers like this:

  • Find brand X "lovers"
  • Find customers who have shown an interest in category Y
  • Find customers who are discount driven (by what they browse and/or buy)
  • Find customers who have a very high likelihood of purchasing in the near future (coming Q2 2015)
  • Find customers who <u>viewed</u> a particular category or brand
  • Find high value customers (by profit or revenue) who haven't shopped within their usual timeframe

Seg can do this because it tracks your customers web and email behaviour in real time and combines that with what they are actually buying. Then puts this through a complex machine learning algorithms (the complexity had to be in there somewhere...) to produce awesome, actionable profiles for every customer.


All of the segmentation capability Seg provides means a real-world improvement of roughly doubling open and click rates, and as a result, orders. Along with a faster growing list (as customers unsubscribe less).

[New for Q1 2015] Seg shows you how much profit you make from every email you ever sent...

... Even if customers didn't click your email (unlike other systems out there)

Because Seg has all the data, it shows you how your email performed in a way you'll have not seen before. You’ll see how much profit and revenue was really generated, even if they never click the email, or swap devices as is so common today.

Seg will show you the best ever newsletters by sales performance in your entire MailChimp account. So you can send more emails like that, and less of the ones that did not work as well.

If you don't have the right way of recording sales & profit against your campaigns, how will you ever improve your email marketing?

Works with all your old data

You probably have years of sales history in your ecommerce platform. Seg grabs all that (automatically, or via a simple Excel file upload) history and calculates the behavioural and preference profiles for every one of your customers straight away.

Seamless MailChimp integration, with one click

Get up and running in less than 5 minutes with our 1-click MailChimp integration and shop integration.

Works with every ecommerce platform ever built

If you use Magento, Shopify or Wordpress, drop us an email and we'll let you have access to our shop plugin connector so there's no installation required at all. But if you don't, just install our simple javascript tracking code instead (much like installing Google Analytics), and we're here to help too.

Affordable; from only $37/month

Seg is priced according to your MailChimp list size. So not matter how big or small your business is, it's great value.

List size

  • < 10,000 = $37/month
  • 10,001 - 25,000 = $75/month
  • 25,001 - 50,000 = $150/month
  • ... and so on (every 25k on your list is an $75/month)

All plans include:

  • Unlimited team members
  • Email and phone support
  • No contract, cancel at any time
  • No risk 30 day free trial


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Showing true revenue per campaign
Get to know your customers
Segment on brand/category preferences
One-click publish recipients to MailChimp


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