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Top 3 Reasons to Use Digioh with MailChimp

  1. Control Distribution: Only allow your MailChimp subscribers to download your file. Non-Subscribers can be locked out or asked to subscribe to your newsletter before being able to download your files.

  2. Track Every Download: Send an attachment in MailChimp and find out which one of your subscribers is downloading your file. We even track if your file has been forwarded on!

  3. Grow Your List: When your file gets posted on Twitter or forwarded on, Digioh will make sure they have to subscribe to get access to your file.

Digioh is used and trusted by over 10,000 customers.

Best of all it is free to get started! Click here to sign up now and start attaching files to your newsletter.

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    Robert Champion


    With Digioh I can offer a premium--a PDF special report-to new subscribers and totally automate the process with my Mailchimp account. Very cool!"

    Robert Champion

    Margaret Wertheim


    Very easy to use and super helpful in building my list and delivering content to my followers! Highly recommend it!



    My company Maxxbeats.Com uses Digioh to send freebie .zip files to our potential customers. We love their List Grower Security settings to help grow our MailChimp list



    I just wanted wanted to send a very big thank you to Digioh for the new update at the top of Digioh that allows you to search for files....

    It saves soooooo much time and makes the whole use of Digioh incredibly more easy and hassle free to use!

    Thank you for constantly working to improve the experience!

    Voice Of Resistance TV


    If you are looking for a service that offers your mailchimp signups a pdf product, this is a great quality option. It is a low cost for what you get. I have enjoyed the easy of use, set up and the ability to see who signs up (or current mailchimp clients) that download the books we have to offer.

    This is not a shameless plug for our product, but a wonderful way of showing how much we LOVE this service. We would not have been able to pull it off by ourselves and the time crunch we are under to deliver products to customers.

    With only two people doing the whole product side of things, Digioh is a wonderful help. We also offer all of our products, through a Partner program, so Digioh is priceless for us to have introductory clients signing up to our site. With what they get from Digioh's download, most of our clients go the next step and buy into our $5 a month program. Thank you, Digioh, for being a wonderful service that gives us the ability to grow.

    Programming Days


    A best service, very informative towards tracking, good user controlled service in its class.



    easy to use - each page and each link is clear and clearly marked - thanks



    I like the ability to track my downloads



    Very simple - great for sending files in my newsletter

    Donald Burns


    Very easy to use to send files. Also really cool features on grabbing new email leads.



    Great service - simple and just works!

    Jewelry Party Solutions


    I use it for really small 1-pg files. I like the ability to track who downloaded the file and track forwards!

    Jay Sennett


    Easy to use (!) and secure. The integration is flawless.



    Ease with which things have been designed in Digioh. Even an novice like me can make my own attachments, campaigns and track the progress.

    Inside Fashion


    Easy to use service. Good value. Solid back-end (not just a pretty face). Prompt tech support. Very solid product. Highly recommend for file delivery.



    Very easy to use - would recommend.



    I use it to send my MP3's to my subscriber. Super easy and I love watching my downloads happen in real time.



    Great for sending out my files and tracking downloads.



    Love using Digioh to send large files to my subscribers.

    Ankrah Associates


    Ease of use. Like the replace button as link does not change, very useful!!!



    I like the fact that it's easy to upload images, edit titles and info, customize buttons and security and replace files when necessary.

    Ruth Clark


    The price is more than acceptable and it's easy to use. I like that people can sign up to my list from it. I am a complete newbie with creating files in PDF for download. This made is easy to send to my email list. As my list grows, I can upgrade my account to reflect that.

    Johanna Westin


    It is so easy to share material and to grow my list with this tool! Thank You!



    If your list has more than 10 subscribers it's NOT free for you, right from day 1. 10? Really??? That seems pretty stingy to me when MC lets you send 12,000 emails to up to 2,000 subscribers on their free program.

    I'd be more than happy to get a paid account once these newsletters are generating enough sales to justify it, but 10 downloads ain't gonna generate squat. And if the idea is just to try out the features without actually getting to use it, Digioh should be a lot more up-front about that. After this experience I'm not sure I trust them. I guess I'll just host my own attachments for now.



    Looks promising.

    However I need to be able to edit the transactional emails and landing pages.

    Wrote to support and no response yet.



    easy and effective!

    Jamie Munson


    Membership security is awesome. Easy to integrate.



    great product!

    Net Wealth


    Looks professional when customers go to download the PDF file!!! Great Job



    I like to use Digioh on my website as a way to collect emails and send white-papers.

    Valley Surg


    Very easy for users and customers.



    Exactly what my client needed -- freely accessible downloads when you want it; secured downloads when you need it. and because it fits seamlessly into our email marketing solutions, it just fit the bill entirely.



    I really like all the customization options. Makes me look professional.

    Stefan Trifonov


    The Digioh Service has been wonderful and the one on one customer service is excellent. We use Digioh to collect new leads on our website.

    Angela Parkinson


    The Security Features on Digioh are easy to use.



    We first started using Digioh to track and serve the publication of our educational E-book which was a key part of our marketing plans.

    Using Mailchimp has become integral to our email strategy and finding a trackable file delivery was a priority of ours.

    Initially Digi-oh could only deliver based on campaigns but once I'd raised concerns that I couldn't put links in auto-responders and other emails the team there immediately got to work and implemented my requests within a couple of weeks.

    First rate service, and not a glitch to date.



    I can see how this would be beneficial if you're distributing paid content, because it offers more security than a simple link. Otherwise it doesn't really add value in the MailChimp environment. In the example above (smashmagazine), their pdf could be added to the "final welcome" email within MC as a simple link, which would trouble a new subscriber much less. Perhaps I'm missing something?

    David Kadavy


    I recently used Digioh to distribute a free PDF on a guest blog post:

    In order to get my free PDF the reader had to sign up for my newsletter. Digioh made the entire process seamless. In one click the reader was able to enter in their email address, receive my free PDF and they were automatically added to my MailChimp newsletter behind the scenes (they opted in). My email list grew by over 200 new subscribers!

    Matt Shamus


    My company uses Digioh to send free music downloads to our email subscribers. The setup is super easy... I just upload an MP3 to Digioh and use the link they provide in my MailChimp newsletter.

    I am able to grow my subscriber base every time I send a campaign using Digioh. When a subscriber forwards the newsletter onto a friend (which we encourage them to do) non-subscribers are asked to enter their email address before access is granted to the free download.

    Here's an example of an email I recently sent which grew my subscriber base by nearly 1% in two days: