Setmore Integration

Automatically adds a new subscriber to MailChimp list, when a new customer books an appointment with you using SetMore.

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    October 2014
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SetMore Appointment is a free and easy online scheduling software for businesses of all sizes across multiple niches like spa, salon, dentist, photographers and many more.

Email newsletters are a popular way to reach out to customers to increase customer engagement and build relationship customer relations which eventually helps businesses to grow.

So if you are using SetMore and MailChimp, this integration will reduce the hassle of updating your mailing list manually when a new customer joins your business.

You will need to connect SetMore to MailChimp using this integration. You will also need to select a Mailing list that you wish to sync with the new customers. This is one time process.

We will then update the selected mailing list with a subscriber whenever a new customer books an appointment with your business.

Once you have configured it successfully, you can craft beautiful emails to send out to those people to boost sales.

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    I linked my mailchimp to my setmore and it works like a charm. No more manual adds! Love it!



    I used this integration for setmore, synced my list twice and it never registered. :(