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Capture ideas, share to social media, and use that content to quickly create content to publish through MailChimp.

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Are you constantly struggling to find content for your newsletter?

Shareist helps you to quickly and easily discover and capture content ideas and develop them into email newsletters, and other content.

With Shareist, quickly curate ideas using the bookmarklet an content discovery tools. Build a newsletter, save it MailChimp, and send it to any list in your connected MailChimp account.

The process is as simple as:

  1. Capture ideas and curate content with the bookmarklet and chrome browser extension.
  2. Organize that content into a great looking page for inclusion in an email newsletter.
  3. Publish it directly to your MailChimp list.

When publishing to MailChimp, you can customize the subject, and from fields. Choose which list to send it to, and set the Campaign name. After saving the newsletter to MailChimp, you can send yourself a test email, and publish your email directly from the Shareist platform.

What is Shareist?

Shareist is a full content marketing platform that allows individuals and teams to capture ideas, quickly share to social media, and create content for publishing to blogs, newsletters, and ebooks.

Organize content in projects by client, website, or topic, and develop. By connecting up social media, CMS, and email services like MailChimp, all this activity can be done from a single platform saving time and money over what is typically done manually and with many disjointed tools.

It's like Basecamp for content marketers and email publishers.

  • Create projects for clients, websites, or topics
  • Curate content and capture ideas into your project's content inbox
  • Share content to social media channels, get feedback on the best content through engagement measurement
  • Create a newsletter and quickly include the best curated content and/or original content.
  • Connect and publish directly to MailChimp mail lists and other platforms directly from within Shareist.

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Connect your MailChimp account to Shareist
Quickly create a great looking email with the page builder
Publish your newsletter directly to MailChimp


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