Shopify Integration by Zapier

Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe MailChimp list members from Shopify events or subscribe new customers.

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    March 2018
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Zapier’s MailChimp-Shopify integration can add or remove your subscribers from mailing lists automatically when you make a new sale or add a Shopify customer, or make sure your customers receive your marketing by adding them to the appropriate mailing lists when you make a sale.

Need even more control?

  • Combine actions with Multi-Step Zaps to create powerful automated workflows, like subscribing new Shopify customers to a paid customer list and unsubscribing them from one dedicated to general marketing.
  • Use MailChimp Search Actions to look for subscribers to match new Shopify customer emails, updating their information with additional details or subscribing them if they don’t already exist. Alternatively, set up automated list management by searching across all your lists to find where customers may already exist so you can add or remove them from your lists as need.
  • Look through your Shopify customer data to check whether there’s a match with a new MailChimp subscriber email, adding them as a new customer if there isn’t (or simply updating their personal details with MailChimp profile information).

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    Miss Fit


    It didnt!!!!!!! Tried to log in numerous times and couldn't even get that far. Really disappointed as it's an app I need.



    Thank you! I used in for my website and it worked perfectly!