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ShortStack is a powerful social Campaign building tool. Using ShortStack’s extensive contest and form features, you can run photo, video, friend referral, and voting contests that collect the kind of leads that drive sales. To combine the power of ShortStack and MailChimp, all you need is your MailChimp API Key.

Integrate your MailChimp list with a ShortStack contest and give visitors the ability to subscribe to your newsletter on the entry form. Simply add an opt-in checkbox to the form, and each entrant can become a subscriber.

Not running a contest? Add the Newsletter Signup Widget so that visitors always have the opportunity to subscribe. The widget pulls in the entry form you set up in MailChimp, and displays any email, text, number, radio, and drop-down menu fields you set up.

Of course, the best way to encourage visitors to sign up is to give them a sneak peak of the great content you’ll be sending them. ShortStack’s Display Newsletter Widget lets you choose between displaying a specific MailChimp Newsletter, or the most recent, right on your Campaign.

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Integrate with MailChimp through our Newsletter Widget and through our SignUp Widget
Easily add a MailChimp form to your existing campaign
Subscribe your online followers straight from your web campaign form


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    esto es lo mejor



    I just spent 4 hours designing a App for my business facebook page only to find right before publishing the crippling limitations of the Freeware version. If you plan on using this for your business just know from the beginning you're committing to a minimum of $30 a month, which could be worth it...


    Seriously, screw you JIM CEO for wasting my Sunday. If you had honestly represented your product I probably would have bought it up front.



    Integrating with Shortstack was straightforward. If you need help getting set up, they provide instructions in their help docs. So after a little Instruction 101, I got my MailChimp API key and plugged it in. Now all the email addresses collected via my Shortstack form on Facebook are added to my MailChimp list. BOOM.

    Liam Joseph


    I love using the display newsletter widget -- it's a great way for my fans to see what to expect from our next newsletter.



    I am a designer and do a lot of freelance work building apps for clients. Let me tell you, ShortStack is my best friend. Very user-friendly, great support, and easily integrates with MailChimp. ShortStack makes up for my lack of coding and development knowledge with easy to use widgets and functionality.



    I recently used ShortStack to design a custom landing page (app) within my client's Facebook Page to capture emails. Compared to designing a landing page for a website, designing a Facebook app to serve the purpose of getting user emails was cheaper and saved me a ton of time.

    I'm happy and my client is thrilled. I absolutely love ShortStack's MailChimp integration. Highly recommend.




    Thanks MailChimp for leading me to ShortStack - they provide an awesome app, with great capabilities and features including their awesome integration with my MailChimp lists. I've seen increases in all my list sign ups since integrating and promoting.


    Benoit von Machenstatter


    I don't really know what I'm doing as far as coding is concerned, but I can still make some pretty cool apps without all that stuff, and do it quickly, too. And my fans like em. We just wrapped up a ShortStack contest that was fan-gated and we increased our fan count and had great entry numbers.

    Zach Settewongse


    App works perfectly for my needs. I have used it on a few FB business pages I manage. Just slow down and follow the simple directions and it's actually rather intuitive and packed full of features. If you get confused just ask the Shorstack folks for help. I have a few times when using some other features and the people there were quick to respond and helpful. Plus I like that the company has a fun side to them similar to Mailchimp.

    Thanks Shortstack



    ShortStack is clearly a business app for Facebook Business Pages, so I'm scratching my head at the other reviews claiming otherwise. Not only can you quickly add a MailChimp signup form, but you can show your latest newsletters on your Facebook Page, or create a sweepstakes/contest entry form that also automatically adds entrants to your MailChimp list. There's a bit of a learning curve, but the flexibility that ShortStack offers is well worth it.

    Jim CEO,


    Hi there! I just wanted to say thanks for checking out ShortStack and our MailChimp integration. I'd also like to respond to a couple reviews, sorry for any confusion!

    • ShortStack can only be used on "Business" or "Fan" Pages on Facebook. Facebook apps created with ShortStack cannot be installed on personal Facebook Profiles. If you have a Page for your business on Facebook, this is a great way to add an app to collect email signups, run a contest, or simply display some photos or videos.

    • Our MailChimp integration allows you to "map" our form fields to your MailChimp list fields. Once configured, the data that you collect via the app is automatically sent to your MailChimp list.

    • The MailChimp integration requires the use of ShortStack databases, available on our "ShortStack" plan and above. Check out our Free Plan and use it for as long as you wish.

    • Feel free to shoot us an email or tweet if you need anything, thanks!

    Jim -- @shortstacklab



    Not sure what everyone is complaining about. Everything works great for me on my Facebook business page. For a free product this is pretty sweet! Thanks MailChimp!



    I agree Ive spent the whole day trying to figure out how the chimp connects to my business page and not my personal profile and I guess theres no way around this. you better step it up chimp or constant contacts Im coming back to you..



    Be serious mr. chimp. We are not going to use an opt-in form on a personal FB page!



    I want people to see my business page, not pictures of my dogs or my last holiday! Not really much use as it is at the moment.



    I love this idea, but it definitely needs to connect to a specific facebook page rather than my personal page. My personal page has friends, my business page has clients, and the 2 generally do not overlap.

    Richard Edwards


    AS Ed says, without the ability to designate a business page as the one with the tab, I'm not sure how you would ever use this.

    Ed Podowski


    This APP connects to your personal Facebook page, but it should connect to a specific Facebook page that you are an administrator. Mailing list are specific to a company or organization or band or a cause or some other purpose. I know this is in BETA, so I am hoping this feature is made available in the final release. If you would like to see an example of this type of integration, I purchased an APP called ?FanPageEngine which allows me to create a custom tab for a specific [Fan]page. I hope this helps.




    rob aubrey


    This is by far the best FREE version of a Freemium that I have seen.

    walid elshrif


    s m

    Gopal Aggarwal


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