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Easily add a MailChimp subscription form to your social, mobile and web campaigns.

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With ShortStack you can easily integrate MailChimp into your social and mobile campaigns so you can collect email addresses and grow your lists from your online audience. ShortStack offers two ways to integrate with MailChimp, through our Newsletter Widget and through our SignUp Widget.

With ShortStack’s Newsletter Widget you can easily display your newsletter directly onto your Campaign. You simply add the Newsletter Widget to your Campaign, enter your MailChimp API Key and select which MailChimp Campaign you want to display.

Using ShortStack’s MailChimp SignUp Widget you can display a MailChimp newsletter signup form directly on your Campaign. This widget creates a non-customizable form using the merge fields from your chosen MailChimp list. The MailChimp Signup Widget only supports email, text, number, radio, and drop-down menu fields from MailChimp.

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Integrate with MailChimp through our Newsletter Widget and through our SignUp Widget
Subscribe your online followers straight from your web campaign form
Easily add a MailChimp form to your existing campaign


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