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ThingLink lets users add a rich email newsletter sign-up tag to any image, anywhere on the internet.

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    October 2014

ThingLink turns an image into an interactive experience, and this MailChimp integration allows people to transform images on their blog or website into an opportunity for email list sign-up. This feature removes seams, bringing companies and individuals closer to their followers. Published images with the ThingLink/MailChimp tag can boost subscription rates, expanding the reach of email campaigns and continuing conversations beyond the website.

It's easy to get this new integration going after users sign up for ThingLink and MailChimp accounts. They'll then get their MailChimp "signup form link code" from their "Lists" section on MailChimp, copy that, and head over to ThingLink. There users pick an image to tag, and paste their MailChimp "signup form link code" into ThingLink's editor field. They'll then get started tagging images with their MailChimp signup widget, or any other tags they see fit. Users can choose to tag all of the images on their blog or site with this, or can pick out the individual images they need.

ThingLink's standard service is completely free, with no ads to clutter up its tags. It has its own real-time analytics, works on mobile devices and is compatible with any site. It's also simple to install on blog platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr.


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Mailchimp signup tag using ThingLink
Editing Mailchimp signup tag using ThingLink


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