SilverStripe MailChimp sync module (APES)

APES is a module that syncs your SilverStripe Member data to MailChimp fields.

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  • Developer
    Cam Findlay Consulting
  • Last Updated
    December 2014

APES for SilverStripe CMS (Automated Provision for Email Services)

APES is a module that sync's your SilverStripe Member information up to mail services ready to send out newsletters.

It will help you sync your Member information in SilverStripe CMS with your email newsletter lists (MailChimp only at present) for eMarketing and Membership newsletter needs.

Simply provide your API key and List ID in the SilverStripe configuration and which field data you would like sync'd. Will only update information when a user actually changes their data.

Config settings for double optin setup, supports MailChimp groups.

Custom hook code to tie into your registration and edit profile forms.


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