make online brochures, flyers, and flip booklets you can import into your MailChimp templates.

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    November 2015

Make and share flip booklets across the web and mobile.

Every simplebooklet you make has its own easy to remember web address that you can post, pin, share, email, and embed anywhere.

Make a simplebooklet from scratch or turn your existing brochures, flyers, newsletters, and catalogs into interactive webpages customers want to flip, social posts they want to click, and emails they want to read.

The Simplebooklet/MailChimp integration allows you to import the cover page of your web booklet into a MailChimp template. The booklet cover will have a built in link back to its unique landing page right from your MailChimp email newsletter.

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This is the unique landing page for your web booklet.
This is the editor/designer for making a web booklet.
All the sharing options on simplebooklet.
calls to action on your booklet landing page.


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